Mail Filer just got better: many messages can be filed intelligently at once to clean up your inbox!

Mail Filer is a self-learning e-mail organizer add on for Outlook. Organize your mail by moving messages to the right folder with just one button click.

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Great that you have found us. Here at Dykerson we build software that reduces the time and effort on every day tasks for professionals.

Dykerson is a technology company located in The Netherlands in Europe. We build software that focuses on productivity and time-saving.

We believe that with smart solutions professionals can work more efficiently, doing more with less time and energy. Thereby creating more time for important matters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build software for professionals that is easy-to-use so that anyone can use it and that saves time and effort.

In our mission we are proudly presenting our new product: Mail Filer. Mail Filer allows you to move your e-mail messages to the correct folder with a single button click.



  •   Save time and energy
  •   Easy to install and use software
  •   Provide zero-configuration experience: install 'n run
  •   Future-proof solutions

How to organize mail the easy way

Mail Filer is the mail organizer for Microsoft Outlook. It can predict to which folder a message should go to based on how you have already filed your e-mail. This way you can organize your mail in a very easy way: just click on a single button and your e-mail messages are moved to the right folder. You get things done without loosing your attention.


Dykerson Mail Filer

File e-mail messages with a single button click

We are proud to bring you the news that Mail Filer 16 is now finally available: a very easy way of getting and maintaining a well organized inbox.

Dykerson Mail Filer is an e-mail organizer extension that you can easily install in Microsoft Outlook. It can predict which folder a newly received e-mail message should go to based on how you have already filed your existing messages.

Whenever you want, you can simply move it the correct folder with a single button click. This way you do not need to find the correct folder or drag the message through your many e-mail folders in order to file it. Filing e-mail messages has never been easier. 

Benefits of having an organized inbox


More Efficient

Do not loose time on work about work


Less Stress

Have a clean, organized view on your mail messages



Give attention to the messages that need attention


Quick Response

Follow up on messages in a timely manner


Easily Find Messages

No more search term guessing



Never forget to follow-up on messages

What others say about our mail organizer

Get your e-mail inbox organized today!

If you have many e-mail messages that still need to be moved to the right folder then try Mail Filer for free and see what it can do for you. Organizing your e-mail inbox is easy and effortless now. This way you can have an uncluttered inbox and have all your mail messages nicely structured in folders so that they can be found easily. 

Getting started with Mail Filer

Start using Mail Filer right away

1. Download

Download Mail Filer to your computer and run the installer and follow the simple instructions. This will install Mail Filer in your Outlook.

2. Use it for free

Open Outlook. Mail Filer will start the learning process which will take a few minutes. You can then use it and organize your e-mail messages right away.

3. License

After 30 days you will need a valid license to continue using it.

Why choose Dykerson

Happy customers worldwide



Our software gets heavily tested to ensure its stability and security.


Future Proof

Built on technologies that are designed to last.


Solid Technology

Our software is being developed on modern / proven Microsoft technology.


Clear Support

No technical mumbo jumbo when you contact support. Clear instructions and explanations will help you in case of any problems you encounter.


Manual Free Usage

The days that users wanted to read a manual or online documentation are behind us. Our software is ready to use without the need of reading any documentation. It is simple and self-explanatory.


Time Saving

Our software is built with time-saving in mind. Every aspect of the software is designed with this in mind.

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