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Yes, you can run it on Outlook 2016.

The current version works up till Outlook 2016. Support for Outlook 2019 is scheduled for the end of 2018. To stay posted on the latest developments follow us on Twitter.

Yes, Mail Filer supports Outlook 2013 and 2016. Office 365 Business and Business Premium include Outlook 2016. Note that Office 365 Essentials does not include the Outlook desktop edition.

Mail Filer works on your local computer so that no information of your mail needs to be sent to cloud services. It integrates with the desktop edition of Outlook. Outlook web version is not supported at this moment. To be notified for new solutions that support the Outlook web version, follow us on Twitter.

The current extension is specific for Outlook and therefore cannot be installed in other e-mail programs (a.k.a. mail clients). If you want to be notified when an add-in is under development for other mail clients then follow us on Twitter.

Mail Filer runs on Microsoft Windows only. It is recommended to use Windows 10 but it can also be installed on Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8.1 (with the latest updates installed). Older versions of Windows are not supported since these versions (i.e. Vista and older) no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. 

No, you do not need to configure anything. There is one single button that you use to intelligently move messages to the best folder. You can make settings to tweak the predictions to your specific situation.

No, you do not need to do any configuration in order to use it. Settings can be used to tweak it to your preferences. Settings do not need to be set or rules to be created in order to use it. Mail Filer is built on a zero-configuration principle.

There is no actual limit to this. Microsoft does have a limit for Outlook though which is roughly 500 folders per mail box. We build Mail Filer with scalability in mind, it can handle this amount of folders easily.

Mail Filer does not need a long period to learn how you file your messages. Just after installation it will scan your messages which will take a few minutes. After this learning process is finished you will see Mail Filer makes accurate prediction right away! As you move messages to folders Mail Filer will update its predictions so that they are always correct, for instance when you create a new folder and move messages to it. It keeps learning from you. 

Yes this is possible. Take note of the license properties to make sure your license supports multiple e-mail accounts.

E-mail rules would require technical settings to be made, fine-tuned, synchronized, backed-up and maintained for every contact / subject of conversation / project / customer etcetera. If you are working on multiple computers you would also need to ensure that the message rules are maintained on all computers you work on either manually or by exporting and importing them. 

By defining message rules you would create a new complex, tedious and cumbersome, error-prone task. Mail rules are usually applied immediately when a message is received. A message would be placed in a folder before you have handled it. You could easily forget about it.

By using Mail Filer you do not need to have any technical skills and you do not need to spend time to configure it. You can just install and use it and move files quickly and easily with the click of a button.

By default you need an active internet connection when you set your license code. After that you will need an internet connection to have your license kept active (refreshed periodically). 

If you need to use Mail Filer on network computers that do not have direct access to the internet, then please contact us for more information. 

Outlook shows you the folders that you have most recently used for moving messages to. At the top of that list is the most recently used folder which is unrelated to the message you want to move. If you use many different folders then you will regularly find irrelevant folders being shown there.

Mail Filer however shows only folders that are relevant for the message. It takes into account who sent the message, what it is about and other properties to put the best matching folder as the top suggestion.  

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