Mail Filer Licenses

Mail Filer 16

Best ROI ever with the time you will save


  • Single user
  • 1 computer
  • 1 e-mail box
  • For Outlook 2013 and 2016
  • 1 year basic support
  • Move up to 1000 messages at once


  • Single user
  • 1 computer
  • Up to 3 e-mail boxes
  • For Outlook 2013 and 2016
  • 1 year basic support
  • Move up to 10000 messages at once


  • Single user
  • 1 computer
  • Up to 10 e-mail boxes
  • For Outlook 2013 and 2016
  • 1 year premium support
  • Move up to 10000 messages at once

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Valid until the 31th of December 2018.

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Make sure you choose a license that covers the maximum number of e-mail accounts that you will use. Mail Filer works on all accounts in your Outlook. You cannot use it on fewer than all of your e-mail accounts that you have configured in Outlook. E.g. if you have two e-mail accounts you must use the Professional edition. 


To try Mail Filer before you buy you can install it and use it for free for 30 days. The same installer can be used for any of the above licenses.


Download installer

Questions about our licenses

More information can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions

On how many computers can I install Mail Filer with a single license?

A standard or professional license grants the possiblity to use Mail Filer on one computer only. With the Ultimate license a single user can choose to install it on one or two computers.


Multiple people use a shared inbox. Do I need seperate licenses for all of them?

Yes, licenses are always bound to a single user (including the Ultimate license). If two users use the same inbox they both need a seperate license.


I have multiple e-mail accounts installed in Outlook. Is this supported?

Yes, this is what we mean by e-mail boxes in the above license descriptions. You will need the Professional or Ultimate license since the Standard license only supports one e-mail account.


I have multiple e-mail accounts in Outlook, but I only need the automatic filing on one of them. Can I use the Standard license?

No, if you are using multiple e-mail accounts then the Standard license will not work. You will always have the functionality for all configured e-mail accounts, but you will need the appropriate license.


What is premium support?

Premium support is top priority support. You will have priority over basic support plans.


How do I get and install my license?

After ordering your license we will send you an e-mail message containing the license code. If you haven't done already you must download and install Mail Filer. Then open Outlook and go to the Mail Filer tab and click the 'Settings' button. There you will find the 'License' tab where you can paste your license code.


Do I receive software updates?

Yes, by purchasing a license you are entitled for all the future updates to that major version. With a license for version 16 you can update to version 16.1, 16.2 and so on.


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