File Your E-Mail Messages With A Single Button Click

Why Mail Filer

Have a cleaned-up inbox without any effort

Dykerson Mail Filer is a lightweight extension that you can easily install in Microsoft Outlook. Mail Filer can intelligently predict which folder e-mail messages should go to based on how you have already filed your existing messages.

Whenever you feel is the right moment, you can simply and automatically move one or many messages to the correct folder in no time. Now, with the latest release you can select many messages and have them all moved automatically to the right folder. Now you can finally get a cleaned up inbox in no time! Turn your messy inbox into an organized inbox like a pro now. 

This way you do not need to find the right folders to drag your messages one by one to file them and organize your messages.

Without effort you can now enjoy the benefits of having a cleaned-up inbox:

Less stress

Having a cleaned-up inbox means you'll be more efficient and have less stress. If you have a cleaned-up inbox you will no longer spend time checking and reading the same message because you should still drag it to the correct folder (a.k.a. work about work).

A message that you have handled will no longer require and no longer get attention which is another time saver. Having a clean inbox also means that messages that haven't been handled do get attention instead of having the risk that they scroll out of view because many handled messages are not immediately filed.

Less stress

Find your mail messages quickly

Whether you receive a few messages or e-mail just pours in, if messages are not properly filed, then the findability of messages becomes dictated by the senders. If they use poor subjects or hard to guess texts or have a lesser known coworker send a message, you might not be able to find the message at a later moment because you will need to guess the exact used words to find it.

Having an organized mail box means you can find messages by context (subfolder). This way you can find specific messages but also have the related messages right there.

And it is not unlikely that you are on the phone and you need to find a message at the same time. Being able to find messages quickly gives a professional impression to your contacts.

Quickly find your mail

Never forget to follow-up on mails

Because you spend time on the e-mails that do need attention you will be sure to always follow up on messages in a timely fashion, so you don't risk unhappy business contacts, missed opportunities or missed dead lines. Your contacts will know you for your quick and effective response.

Don't miss mails

About Mail Filer

Mail Filer is easy to use and self-configuring, just install and use it. There are no complex configuration rules that you must set up to use it. After installation Mail Filer will take a minute to learn how you have already filed your messages so far and will then immediately take over this tedious task of correctly placing the messages in the right folder thereby respecting your personal preferences.

The way your messages will be filed is not dictated for you. Instead your ‘rules' of moving messages into specific subfolders are applied. This happens without changing the way you work: you do not have to configure rules or buttons or anything, you get a minimalistic experience (no interface cluttering in your Outlook) and messages are moved when you want to so that you can move them to subfolders once you have handled them.

Dykerson Mail Filer is built on modern/future-proof technology and is the latest innovation in productivity tools. It is driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms so that it learns from you and intelligently determines the correct folder a message should be put in even if some of your folders are based on specific contacts or specific companies while others are more subject driven or a combination thereof.


Filing your messages easily and effortlessly without changing the way you work


Smart one-click mail filing

Intelligently files e-mail messages to the right folders in your inbox with just the click of a button. Our sophisticated prediction technology ensures accurate folder predictions.


File to any folder

Can file to any of your folders in the same inbox, not a subset of them. Even if you have hundreds of folders you can still file to any of those folders in a quick manner.


Microsoft technology

Based on solid Microsoft technology. Supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Runs on Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 (including Office 365)


Zero configuration

No need to learn how to use it or configure it, just install and use it. Installation is simple and straightforward.


No long learning period

It is fully capable of predicting folders from the start. You do not need to teach it how to file, it predicts correctly from the start.


Files by content

It uses the complete message to perform predictions intelligently. Predictions are based on who sent a message, who it was addressed to, when it was sent and what the message is about (content).


Natural workflow

Let's you work as you are used to without cluttering your Outlook. A minimalistic interface ensures it is never 'in the way'.


Always to the right folder

Always suggests a suitable folder to move a message to. Multiple alternative folders are suggested so that you can simply file it to an alternative folder quickly.

Do you need Mail Filer?

If you have an increasing number of e-mail messages that still need to be filed to the correct folder then Mail Filer is just for you!

It releases you from the tedious and time-consuming task of scrolling through your many folders and finding the best folder to drag your message in. In a busy schedule you have no place for loosing time.


  •   Time saving
  •   Stay organized
  •   Increases efficiency
  •   Simple & easy

What you'll love about Mail Filer

Have more time for more important matters

By reducing the time and effort for filing your messages you'll have more time and energy for other, more important matters.

  •   You'll have an organized inbox effortlessly so that you don't waste time on finding messages when you need them quickly
  •   Messages are moved to folders in your mail box so that you have a cleaned-up mail box without having to delete messages you might need later
  •   You won't spend time on determining the correct subfolders and subsubfolders and dragging messages into them
  •   Outlook will be faster. Too many messages that haven't been moved to subfolders reduces performance of Outlook
  •   It is self-learning and self-configuring: no waste of time on configuring and updating complex message rules or settings
  •   You can start using it right away: there is no long period involved to improve predictions over time
  •   Messages are moved to the folder when you decide to, just like you are used to
  •   You are always in control over where the messages are moved to
  •   Mail Filer does not clutter your Outlook so that you can continue to work as you are used to
  •   Never lose mail again because you accidently dropped it in the wrong folder

But don't take our word for it, try it yourself:

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Your e-mail messages can contain confidential information like passwords, software license keys, agreements, legal documents and so on. Therefore top notch security is essential.

Mail Filer works locally on your own computer and runs in a sandbox. Your messages are never sent over the internet, because Mail Filer is not a cloud service. Additionally, any information that is created is stored with military grade protection.

A new way of organizing e-mail messages, try it for free

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